23 in ’13 final

John Anealio issued a challenge in January of 2013: do 23 creative ‘things’ in 2013. John was very flexible about what ‘counts’ to meet the challenge (read his post for details). This is the announcement of my totals.

Excluding this post, I have created 44 new pieces, comprised of 18 short stories and 27 other blog posts; a combination of reviews and various ramblings. However, 8 of the 45 were partial works. Chuck Wendig (you are reading, his blog, right?) issues a flash fiction challenge every Friday. The latest one was a five-parter.

Chuck’s five-part challenge involved everyone writing 200 words of a 1,000-word story. Then you write another 200 words of someone else’s story, etc. It was fun, and I contributed to 8 different stories over the five weeks. Since each entry is one fifth of a story, I am combining all 8 into 1 for purposes of the 23-challenge.

In addition, I’ve added another thirty-thousand words to several longer works.

And I have submitted fiction to 25 markets

18 short stories, 25 submissions, 26 blog posts, 30k words added to longer works.

Achievement unlocked.

Thanks, John. Without the spur of your challenge I doubt I would have done as much last year.

By the way, whether, John formally re-issues the challenge or not, I am going to treat it as a repeating challenge. 23-in-’14, here I come!

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations on your accomplishments this year Paul.

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