Fantasy Restaurant Menu

I am considering a new venture. A restaurant. First the menu…


Stone ° Cream of Mandrake ° Broccoli cheddar ° Blood soup (no nutritional value for vampires)


Dragon Wings

  • Barbecue
  • Garlic
  • Medium
  • Buffalo
  • Hot
  • Dragon’s Breath

Kraken on Crackers Canned flaked Kraken, delicately seasoned. Served with Kraken bone-meal crackers.

Thinly sliced Kraken tentacles battered and deep-fried. Served with lemon wedges, tartar and Cockatrice sauces.

Entrees (choose 3 sides)

Kraken Steak Wild-caught, frozen*

  • Blackened
  • Cajun
  • Lemon Pepper

*Fresh Kraken available with 60 days notice and for parties of 2,000 (deposit and insurance required).

Phoenix … more

We buried my mother today

We buried my mother today.

She died in her sleep 2 August 2015 at 94 years of age. Her death was a surprise, but not unexpected. We had all gotten together with her just two weeks ago. She seemed in good spirits, considering her age. The Alzheimer’s had been progressing recently, but she still knew all of us, and that was a blessing.

She lived a full life and raised seven children. My brother posted a sign on Facebook: “My mother taught me everything, except how to survive without her.” For that, we have to muddle through on our own.

Several of … more

Fiction: Jersey City of the Dead (Part 4 of 5)

Chuck Wendig’s Latest Flash Fiction Challenge. Part four of Michael D. Woods’ untitled story, later titled Jersey City of the Dead.

Part One by Michael D. Woods

“Casey’s Jersey City crew got careless,” Says Bossman. “Zombies flooded three sites. Two held them back but we blew the third. Horde made it up four flights and we couldn’t risk it. All told, probably lost fifty people.”

Bossman looks at me, gin blossoms reddening. The skin around his eyes draws tight, his hands, resting on the desk between us, clench, unclench. “Go find Casey. You ask him how he … more

Fiction: Untitled (Part 2 of 5)

Part Two of Chuck Wendig’s Latest Flash Fiction Challenge. A continuation of Meagan Wilson’s untitled story.

“Yes, this penthouse view is quite breathtaking,” I turned to the luscious blonde before me, “but not nearly as lovely as—”

A thunder clap, and then I was standing in a small, glowing circle, surrounded by a gaggle of chanting fools in robes.

”Oh great Sorasel im Palat, lord of fire and darkness, fell devourer of the innocent, conqueror of—” Arcane symbols covered the speaker’s robes, nearly obscuring the heavy crimson fabric.

“Yes, yes, get on with it.” I gestured with my … more

Calendar reform

I think it is time for another calendar reform. I want a lunar calendar.

Thirteen months of 28 days each: 13×28=364. This would have several advantages:

1) All months have the same number of days. None of this “30 days hath september” crap. We will still need a leap year, but it should be an invisible day. I nominate December 29th as the leap day. This would be an invisible day, skipped by all.
2) Each date will fall on the same day of the week. Each 1st of the month will be on Monday, or whatever


Daylight Savings Time

I don’t like DST. I think it should be abolished. It serves no purpose.

But for those people who say “I want my hour back” I have two things to say.

1) You’ll get it back in the Autumn
2) Be glad you weren’t alive in 1582/1752

Here is the output of the *nix command “cal sept 1752″

September 1752
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
1 2 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Notice the dates:  1 , 2 , 14 , … more

Quest for A Turn of Light


As you can see from my thumb, I finally have in my hands the new book by @JulieCzerneda , A Turn of Light. On Tuesday, I dropped in at the local chain bookstore, thinking that *of course* they would have the book on release date. They said they got it in the previous day and sold out. So I ordered it. I was told it would arrive in three days and they would call me.

Friday came and went; no call. Saturday came and went; no call. Sunday came and … more

The coward

So this morning I open the door to let the dogs out and the odor of skunk wafts gently into my nostrils. “Yuck,” thinks I, “there’s a skunk out there somewhere.”

Chance (AKA the coward) steps out the door before he realized what else was sharing nature with him, and stands there, staring at me over his shoulder with this pathetic look on his face, as if to say “You are abandoning me to the stinky one?”

Chance, who is coming up on four, has been hit by skunk twice and a near miss once. He also lost to a … more