Free Fiction: Library

This story was prompted by Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenge at It was supposed to be 1,000 words, but I ran over by a hundred and a half.

The words I chose were Library / Storm / Satellite / Cube / Ethereal



Jared spotted it on the satellite feed after the storm had passed.

“Hey Billie,” Jared said. “Look at this.”

“Whatcha got?” she said, rolling her chair over to his console.

“Huh,” he said. “It’s gone.”

“What’s gone?”

“There was something on the feed a minute ago, but now it’s gone.”

“Rewind it and let’s … more

The Body Electric by Allie Duzett

I won an early review copy of this book on Library Thing. This review is for the ebook version.

Warning: some spoilers may be possible, although I’ll try to keep them limited.

The Body Electric is the story of seventeen year-old Helena Clark. She lives in a small town in Colorado where she has one friend, one boyfriend, three siblings and two parents.

Lena describes herself as average in everything, yet she is friendly, kind, sweet, and a good friend. When she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her, she turns to … more

Discount Armageddon – Seanan McGuire

I’ve just finished last year’s Discount Armegeddon, the first InCryptid novel by Seanan McGuire. This is an urban fantasy about Verity Price, a dancer/waitress/cryptozoologist. She is in NYC entering dance competitions, supporting herself working as a waitress at a strip club, and trying to decide whether to return to the family business.

This was my first book by this author and I will definitely be coming back for more.

This book is a light-hearted romp through the streets, rooftops, and sewers of New York, but not devoid of serious concepts. Verity’s official job is to assist the cryptid population, protecting … more

E-publishing, circa 1974

farther out cover 72px 2x3

A Step Farther Out by Jerry Pournelle is a wonderfully optimistic, thought-provoking book. This is not a review of that book, but commentary on a small section of one essay that makes up one part of the book.

Electronic Publishing has been around for a while now, but I first read about it in Jerry Pournelle’s book, which was a collection of the science columns he did for Galaxy magazine. My copy was published in 1979, but the essay in question, Here Come the Brains, first … more

Calendar reform

I think it is time for another calendar reform. I want a lunar calendar.

Thirteen months of 28 days each: 13×28=364. This would have several advantages:

1) All months have the same number of days. None of this “30 days hath september” crap. We will still need a leap year, but it should be an invisible day. I nominate December 29th as the leap day. This would be an invisible day, skipped by all.
2) Each date will fall on the same day of the week. Each 1st of the month will be on Monday, or whatever


Daylight Savings Time

I don’t like DST. I think it should be abolished. It serves no purpose.

But for those people who say “I want my hour back” I have two things to say.

1) You’ll get it back in the Autumn
2) Be glad you weren’t alive in 1582/1752

Here is the output of the *nix command “cal sept 1752″

September 1752
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
1 2 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Notice the dates:  1 , 2 , 14 , … more

Quest for A Turn of Light


As you can see from my thumb, I finally have in my hands the new book by @JulieCzerneda , A Turn of Light. On Tuesday, I dropped in at the local chain bookstore, thinking that *of course* they would have the book on release date. They said they got it in the previous day and sold out. So I ordered it. I was told it would arrive in three days and they would call me.

Friday came and went; no call. Saturday came and went; no call. Sunday came and … more

23 in ’13 update 3/3 – 3/9

This past week I have added about 1300 words to a novel WIP.

wrote a blog post “Gun Rack”

Started a new steampunk short story, tentatively titled “In the ‘Yard”, currently at 800 words.

Played with a couple of 3D modeling programs. I’ve been trying to create a cover for my one finished novel. This will take some time to learn anything worthwhile, which means time away from writing. Is it worth it or should I pay someone else to create the covers? Of course, this is creating, so it should count for 23 in 13, but the learning curve … more

Gun Rack

Ok, I was following links and ran across this movie poster for Machete Kills.

This is not a review of the movie, this is a review of the poster. I am not a gun owner, but I’ve fired friends’ guns a couple of times, and I’ve picked up a few tidbits (that was TID) of trivia. We all know this wouldn’t work in real life (I hope!).

Those appear to be full-auto gatling guns and that would heat up barrels quite a bit, so she is going to burn off her nipples. Second, from her pose, she appears … more

23 in 13 update

I wrote a piece for @ChuckWendig’s Flash Fiction challenge on his blog
details here:

I also wrote a review of Theodore Sturgeon’s Some of Your Blood

I also added about 2k words to my novel WIP.

So that is three more of the 23.

Score: 10/23 ( 6 blog posts, 2 stories, 2 updates to novel WIP)