Fantasy Restaurant Menu

I am considering a new venture. A restaurant. First the menu…


Stone ° Cream of Mandrake ° Broccoli cheddar ° Blood soup (no nutritional value for vampires)


Dragon Wings

  • Barbecue
  • Garlic
  • Medium
  • Buffalo
  • Hot
  • Dragon’s Breath

Kraken on Crackers Canned flaked Kraken, delicately seasoned. Served with Kraken bone-meal crackers.

Thinly sliced Kraken tentacles battered and deep-fried. Served with lemon wedges, tartar and Cockatrice sauces.

Entrees (choose 3 sides)

Kraken Steak Wild-caught, frozen*

  • Blackened
  • Cajun
  • Lemon Pepper

*Fresh Kraken available with 60 days notice and for parties of 2,000 (deposit and insurance required).

Phoenix Marsala
Grilled Phoenix with pepper strips and mushrooms in a rich gravy, served on a bed of rice.

Hippogriff Steak grass-fed

  • Grilled
  • Cajun
  • ground

Unicorn Stew Prime, wild-caught unicorn, slow-roasted and cubed in a rich broth with carrots, peas, mandrake, and onions.

Basilisk KabobsRoasted basilisk meat on skewers with potato, onion, and peppers. Served with a selection of dipping sauces.


Mandrake (baked, steamed, or mashed) ° cup of soup ° Mixed vegetables ° Moon moth roll-ups ° Applesauce ° Pearsauce


Spice coffee (hot or iced) ° Tea ° Ale ° Absinthe ° Silverin (one per patron, breakage deposit and restraints required)


Chilled Monkey Brains ° Frozen Fog ° Whipped Giant Frog Mucus (poison has been neutralized) ° Solidified Sliced Slime (choose one topping*)

*Toppings: fresh fruit, choco syrup, mint jelly, artificial blood


We are looking to expand our menu options. Please suggest your favorite recipes in the comments.

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