Bechdel Test – fail

Over the weekend, I saw a reference to the Bechdel Test (one of many links:, which, for anyone unfamiliar, is a test of gender bias. Passing the test is supposed to indicated three-dimensional female characters.

The explanation goes like this, your movie (or novel) must have two named, female characters that have a conversation about something other than a man. It can be any subject, even something that is cliched, like shoes or shopping. If not, then you fail the test.

It was originally conceived for movies, but I decided to apply it to my first novel to see … more

First Sale


Late last year, I had one of my stories accepted for publication. This is a big deal for me. Let me repeat that…a BIG DEAL!

It isn’t my first publication. That goes to a non-fiction rant. It isn’t my first fiction, that was a contest winner over at On The Premises, although that wasn’t a complete story.

This, however is my first short story sale, and to a pro-paying market at that! I am on my way! Now for the bad news.

How do I get beyond this? “Let me ‘splain. No, is too long, let me sum up”. … more