Initial Review: 2015 Honda CRV-LX

We bought a new 2015 Honda CRV-LX yesterday to replace the old one, a 2006 CRV-EX. Here are our first thoughts.

Power: excellent.

It rides and drives beautifully, so much so that unless we watch carefully, it is easy to exceed the speed limit. The engine is quiet and powerful and the road noise is reduced, so you don’t realize how fast you are going. I’m sure with practice it will be easier to keep under control.

This has the same size engine; 2.4L 4-cyl, as the 2006, so it could be wear and tear on the old one or … more

Pushing the Envelope; or a technological idiocy

I’ve been using my new iPhone 5s for a few weeks now. This isn’t a full review of the device.

I was chatting with a colleague yesterday about this phone and the subject of the Touch ID feature came up. For those who don’t know, Touch ID is Apple’s version of a fingerprint reader, integrated in this model. Kurt asked it you could use your nose to unlock the phone.

*ping* a light went on.

So I tried it. I set a new fingerprint scan and used my nose to create it. And guess what…it works. After a fashion. I … more