First Sale


Late last year, I had one of my stories accepted for publication. This is a big deal for me. Let me repeat that…a BIG DEAL!

It isn’t my first publication. That goes to a non-fiction rant. It isn’t my first fiction, that was a contest winner over at On The Premises, although that wasn’t a complete story.

This, however is my first short story sale, and to a pro-paying market at that! I am on my way! Now for the bad news.

How do I get beyond this? “Let me ‘splain. No, is too long, let me sum up”.  I am so eager to receive the contract for this story that I can’t manage to let go of the concept of ME AS A PUBLISHED WRITER! I really need to put this aside and go back to writing something new, or editing something old, or polishing a story for submission, but instead I find myself checking my email half a dozen times per hour, hoping for that email with the attached contract.

What is taking it so long!? Can’t those bits go any faster!

*deep breath* and hold it…hold it…and release.

I am writing. Really I am.  This blog counts as writing, right? Right? Of course it does. Yes, this is writing. I have moved beyond my problem.

Sure I have.

Jan 16, 2013 5:29 PM
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