Flash Fiction Challenge

@ChuckWendig at Terrible Minds, occasionally offers a writing challenge. Here is this week’s: http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/02/22/flash-fiction-challenge-game-of-aspects-redux/

Foolishly, I accepted the challenge and grabbed the random elements. *sigh*  I will try to write a story using the following elements:  Erotic Fairy Tale, set in a King’s Throne Room, utilizing Artificial Intelligence. 1500 words, due 2/28, noon, eastern time.

Update: 25 February 2013

I finished my story for this challenge. It weighed in at 1540 words, a bit more than the challenge allowed. After some polishing, I decided I was pleased enough to submit it for publication instead of posting a link back to Chuck’s blog.

So now, The Iron Knight and the Fairly Tail has been added to my list of stories making the rounds.

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  1. Update: Last night I finished The Iron Knight and the Fairy Tail. Weighing in at ~1,450 words, before editing and polishing, it’s not a bad little story. I think I will submit it for publication instead of posting it for others to read.

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