Calendar reform

I think it is time for another calendar reform. I want a lunar calendar.

Thirteen months of 28 days each: 13×28=364. This would have several advantages:

1) All months have the same number of days. None of this “30 days hath september” crap. We will still need a leap year, but it should be an invisible day. I nominate December 29th as the leap day. This would be an invisible day, skipped by all.
2) Each date will fall on the same day of the week. Each 1st of the month will be on Monday, or whatever

1) We’ll have to name a new month. I suggest “Paul”. Or possibly thirteen new month names, to avoid confusion with the old, obsolete system.
2) The calendar makers will, of course, lobby to keep the old system because it will drive them out of business. Let them go the way of the buggy whip makers, or change their business model to be providers of photos of beautiful landscapes, women, or cartoons.

Who wants to sign a petition?

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