Quest for A Turn of Light


As you can see from my thumb, I finally have in my hands the new book by @JulieCzerneda , A Turn of Light. On Tuesday, I dropped in at the local chain bookstore, thinking that *of course* they would have the book on release date. They said they got it in the previous day and sold out. So I ordered it. I was told it would arrive in three days and they would call me.

Friday came and went; no call. Saturday came and went; no call. Sunday came and I visited the store. The employee looked it up and said they ‘found a copy in the warehouse” and it would be in on the 10th, Tuesday, a full week after I ordered it and four days after I was told it would be here.

I grumbled. I fumed. I visited the new science fiction shelves and found two copies just sitting there. I canceled my order and bought a copy that they apparently didn’t know they had.

Next time, I will order from Amazon and have it delivered on release day.

A review will appear here when I have finished it. In the meantime “SQUEEE! #TURN”

Sorry. Had to get that out of my system.


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