The Body Electric by Allie Duzett

I won an early review copy of this book on Library Thing. This review is for the ebook version.

Warning: some spoilers may be possible, although I’ll try to keep them limited.

The Body Electric is the story of seventeen year-old Helena Clark. She lives in a small town in Colorado where she has one friend, one boyfriend, three siblings and two parents.

Lena describes herself as average in everything, yet she is friendly, kind, sweet, and a good friend. When she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her, she turns to her friend Marg for comfort. The usual teenage angst is complicated by the new boy in town, eighteen year-old Zach Zuson; a strong, handsome stranger with some unusual abilities who lives out of his expensive car.

The attraction between Lena and Zach, that starts out as a purely physical phenomena, gradually matures into a deeper emotional connection. However, Zach has secrets that complicate both their lives.

This book is nicely written with lively, engaging characters. It started out a little slow, but once Zach was on the scene, the pace picked up nicely.


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