First Novel Back from the Editor

Well, my first novel is back from the editor. This was a successful NaNoWriMo ’06 effort and ‘finished’ by June of ’07. It was tweaked off and on for the next oh, four or five years and shelved when no agents were interested. Either the idea was *ahem* crap or the proposal was.

I finally decided to take the plunge and self-publish, probably as ebook only. The decision was triggered when a tweeter I follow mentioned his editor had some open slots. We talked, and he agreed to take on the manuscript.

Three days ago I received the file back. The editor thought the book was good and is awaiting the final product. First independent opinion that my writing isn’t total crap.

I’m about to crack open the file and see what needs to be done. I’ll admit to being a little nervous. Well, okay, a lot nervous, but it has to be done.

More to come…


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