Movie review: Oblivion

view date: 20 April 2013

The short version: Jack Harper is the repair tech of tower 49; tasked to keep the armed drones flying. The drones protect the hydrostations that are converting Earth’s seas to fusion power for the remaining population that has moved to Titan after the war with the alien Scavengers decimated the population and destroyed the environment.

Jack and his partner, Victoria, have had their memories wiped in standard procedure for their tour of duty, however Jack is haunted by dreams of a woman that he has never seen. When events conspire to bring the woman down from orbit, Jack has to decide whether to continue in his present duty or to trust the Scavs who have captured him and this familiar stranger. The fate of the Human race (as always) may depend on his decision.

This is a fun adventure movie with a mystery at its heart: who is this woman? Why does a mind-wiped man have any memories of her at all, no matter how vague and disjointed?

Tom Cruise as Jack Harper and Andrea Riseborough as Victoria give very good performances as team 49, while Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman are good supporting actors.

The action scenes are exciting, made moreso by the interspersed calmer parts. If you like a good action flick without a lot of blood and gore (there is some) then give this a try. This is a good repeat movie, and I will probably be watching it again when it comes out on disc.

I had some problems with the movie, if you really care what I thought was wrong with it, containing some spoilers, go here

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