Oblivion Spoilers

This post contains spoilers from the movie Oblivion. If you want the review without the spoilers go here. You have been warned.


There are several things in this movie that set off my bogosity meter.

1. We find out at the end that Jack is a clone, created by the Scavenger to be its soldiers in phase one of the invasion, then the repair techs in phase two of the rape of Earth. However, unless recent research has discovered that memory is stored in DNA, then a clone should never have memories of his previous life. Also, the scavenger should have no reason to implant those particular memories, since they made him ultimately unreliable as an agent. Victoria gave no indication that she too had latent memories.

2. The flying vehicle that Jack uses was a very cool device and I would love to have one, even without the weapons. However, it seems to me that a two-man atmospheric vehicle should not be that simple to convert to a space vehicle to reach LEO, in essence with a single command. As an atmo ship it exhausted a blue flame for reaction, i.e. a jet, but as a space vehicle it exhibited no exhaust other than the massed hexagonal lights in the same location as the jet exhaust.

3. The hydrostations are converting Earth’s seawater to ‘fusion power’, yet there was no indication of where the power was going. It should be beamed to the Tet, yet I noticed nothing that could be an antenna for that purpose. Perhaps I missed it in the excitement of the movie.

4. in the sixty years or so since the scavenger first showed, it has been converting seawater. This has lowered the sea level by an estimated mile or more. That is a lot of water to remove from the oceans. Granted these devices are huge and there are strings of them along the coastline (in one scene you can see at least three within frame, call it a mile apart), but still, without seeing some numbers, I find the amount of sea level drop to be, well, unbelievable.

These are the major problems I had with this film. They didn’t keep me from enjoying it, and as I said, I will probably watch it again, but I won’t pay theater prices for the privilege.

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