Chuck Wendig hits it again

I just read Chuck Wendig’s latest post: about what happens after your first book is published.

There’s the initial high (snorting comet dust); followed by second-guessing yourself when no one seems to notice; no reviews, no sales numbers, no responses to your guest posts; followed by … what the heck, Chuck says it much better than I could, especially since I haven’t sold a book yet.

So if you are a writer (potential, wannabe, novice, semi-pro, professional) or someone who supports a writer (spouse, fiancé, SO, or just friend) go read it.

I’ll be pulling out some choice bits to post on my monitor:

“You soon are reminded that you can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank one.”
Nail, meet Hammer: BAM!

“You don’t write to be published but rather, you write to write, and to be read.”

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