Review: Freedom™ by Daniel Suarez

completed: 27-Sept-2013

Freedom™ is the sequel to Daemon. I must admit I had left this book sitting around for three years waiting to be read because I wasn’t exactly happy with Daemon. I thought the ending was too downbeat. As a computer professional, I saw those who joined the Daemon’s darknet as, well, not to put too fine a point on it, as not-quite-traitors to the human race. They were joining with, and helping, a computer program against humans.

I finally decided to get this book out of my to-be-read pile. I am happy to say that what I thought was happening at the end of Daemon was totally wrong.

The book is a great mix of action scenes punctuated by slower, more introspective parts. The mixture works well, giving you time to relax in preparation for the next adrenaline spike.

The characters react like real people, in all their glory and infamy.

I can only hope it doesn’t take something like the events in these two books to deflect our society from the course it seems bent on following. In that sense, science fiction is a genre of warnings, as well as promises.

This book holds both.

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